Colombia Finca El Faldon Espresso Roast
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I bought this as a Christmas present for my boyfriend and he is very pleased!

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Finca El Faldon l Colombia

Complex fruit notes l Blackcurrant l Blueberry l Summer fruits l Full body

  • £8.00 - £28.00


Thie coffee from Finca El Faldon is part of a very small lot produced during the ‘fly crop’ (a small crop in between each year’s main crop). Colombia's location on the equator makes it one of a handful of countries where it's possible to harvest coffee all year round; Kenya and Indonesia are the others.

The processing of this coffee is exquisite, making it packed full of complex fruit flavours. Look for a chewy, blackcurrant sweet flavour. 

Ruben Dario Gomez started out as a coffee picker at a very young age, moving from farm to farm in the south-eastern part of Antioquia. When an opportunity arose to purchase some land in Caicedo from some of his friends, he didn't think twice about using his savings to buy part of the land to set up his own farm. His friends, trusting that he would be able to pay them back, decided to offer Ruben the remaining land too. In the last eight years, he has planted over 12000 coffee trees in his 2.81hectares. And he's already paid back his debts.

Processing: Fully Washed

Owner: Ruben Dario Gomez

Region: Antioquia

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