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Origin x Strong Adolfo's Gin Pong

Origin x Strong Adolfo's Gin Pong

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On Thursday we joined forces with Strong Adolfo’s and Tarquin’s Gin for an evening of gin, cold brew and ping pong.

Gin Pong. The Low Down.

We decided to go for a twist on the classic American Beer Pong using our delicious Ethiopia Guracho to brew up some cold brew combined with Tarquin’s Cornish dry gin to fill the cups at each side of the table. Teams of two gathered to battle it out across the table throughout the caffeine-fuelled evening. It’s fair to say that Rosie and Scarlet are definitely the reigning champs at Gin Pong – you girls are pros.

Coffee Cocktails

Alongside the Gin Pong, we had some seriously refreshing coffee cocktails courtesy of SW Training Manager Jesse Dodkins. Here’s what Jesse brewed up:

Cascara, Gin & Tonic

Limoncillo cascara (coffee cherry tea), Tarquin’s gin, tonic and freshly squeezed lime juice served with ice. A deliciously refreshing sparkling drink with vanilla, currant and citrus flavours.

Cold Brew & Gin

Ethiopia Guracho cold brew and Tarquin’s gin. Served with ice to create a zingy drink, with notes of blood orange, black tea & jasmine followed by a herbal juniper finish.

Cascara & Elderflower Fizz

Limoncillo cascara, elderflower cordial, tonic and a slice of lemon. Served with ice & a mint garnish for a deliciously floral and refreshing drink, with vanilla and citrus flavours.


Big thanks to the Watergate Bay Hotel, Good Vibes, The Scarlet Hotel and A-Side teams for their gameness on Thursday, and to Strong Adolfo’s for providing the incredible setting. It was great to see you all and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on our Origin events coming soon.

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