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Published, Jun 10, 2024

Live: Assistant Roaster/Production Operative

In this dual role, you will divide your time between the Roasting Team & the Production Team, within the Operations department, with a view to moving fully over to the Roasting Team as we grow. Full training will be provided for all aspects of this role.

As an Assistant Roaster, you will be responsible for learning and assisting in the coffee roasting process to ensure the production of high-quality roasted coffee beans from Origin’s roastery in Porthleven, Cornwall. Under the guidance of our Head Roaster, Quality Coordinator and senior Production Roasters, you will gain training and hands-on experience in operating roasting equipment, monitoring roast proles, and ensuring consistency and avour development.

As a Production Operative, you will be an integral part of our production team, responsible for packaging freshly roasted coffee with precision, ensuring quality control, and upholding the highest standards of health and safety. This role requires attention to detail, teamwork, and a passion for ensuring our products are meticulously packaged.

This role is ideal for individuals passionate about coffee and seeking to develop their skills in the art of coffee roasting for one of the UKs leading speciality coffee roasters.