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Published, Feb 13, 2024

Live: Head Barista & Barista

We currently have two unique opportunities for those looking to explore a summer in Cornwall, enjoy a swim in the sea before and after work, immerse themselves in a fun and active community, and explore Cornwall's beautiful scenery, discovering the vibrant food and drink scene and simply embracing the change.


People come first, and these roles are as much about face-to-face communication and relationships as they are about barista skills. Passion comes from your expertise in speciality coffee and love of customer service. Depending on the day of the week or time of day, you will be working with your talented colleagues or holding the fort. Being behind the bar is where you shine with a sense of pride in yourself and your work environment; here you’ll make anyone’s interaction with you an experience, supporting our ambition to build customer loyalty.

We have a rigorous career pathway and so you will be expected to demonstrate your skill level; we will work with you and take you on your career journey, developing and investing in you. We love continuous improvement: everyone who works for us can discuss what this looks like for them.