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We're Recruiting: Systems Manager, Cornwall

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We're looking for someone that has experience implementing new software and IT systems relating specifically to accounting packages, stock inventory, CRM and EPOS. The successful candidate will have had prior experience working with systems management preferably in a wholesale or retail business. The role will be suited to someone who enjoys and sees value in process improvement. The responsibilities will include implementation along with ongoing training and systems support. The successful candidate would suit both a graduate and/or an experienced IT manager.

Objectives and experience required:

  • Implement new systems into the business including accountancy software, stock inventory, asset management, customer relationship management [CRM] and EPOS.
  • Manage systems improvement relating to wholesale, retail and online.
  • Identify, research and tender for new suppliers and “partners” to work with on the implementation of new software.
  • Responsibility for all ongoing staff training and development.
  • Understand compliance issues around personal and financial data usage and storage.
  • Responsibility for mapping key business processes with a view to identifying efficiencies.
  • To provide oversight, control and ongoing administration of systems.
  • Provide a full information support manual.

How to apply:

Please email your CV and a covering letter to

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