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Published, Jul 13, 2023

Origin X Land – A Sensory Event Exploring Bitterness 

Award winning East London chocolatiers, Land, will join us at Charlotte Road in London, as we delve into a discussion on the complexity and enjoyment of bitterness that is found in coffee, and chocolate.



With a shared ethos on sustainability – sourcing the highest quality, paying fairly, and producing with the utmost care – we’re delighted to welcome founder and owner, Phil Landers, for an evening of conversation surrounding the journey from bean to bar, and how levels of bitterness can influence and impact your palate. Alongside Phil, Ryohji Hope, our Senior Barista Trainer and authorised SCA Trainer will be chatting through the contrasts and similarities of bitterness in coffee—and how detecting some in your cup can complement your tasting experience.

Kicking off at 6.30pm on July 24th, expect complimentary drinks, insightful and engaging discussion, a pairing experience, and coffee and chocolate to take away, so you can continue your taste journey at home. Tickets are priced at £15 and are limited.

  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Date: July 24th
  • Location: Charlotte Road
  • Number of Spaces: 20

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