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Incredible results for Dan & William at the UKBC

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The team were celebrating this week as two of our team ranked in the top ten at the UK Barista Championships, the industry’s most prestigious event.

Competing in the finals and ranking fourth place in the country was Dan Fellows, our Head of Wholesale. Following closely behind Dan was William Pitts, Head Barista of The Brew House, our Porthleven coffee shop. William took ninth place in the competition, ranking as the top South West based barista, a superb achievement for his inaugural competition season. This saw him being awarded the coveted title ‘Best Newcomer’ and a place on the Speciality Coffee Association Europe’s annual barista camp.

Each barista had fifteen minutes to prepare four espresso based drinks, four cappuccinos and four signature drinks. Dan’s highly honed and skilfully controlled routine hugely impressed the judges, with his signature drink highlighting the boozy chatracteristics present in coffee. He achieved this in the semi-finals through the use of Coopedota Naturally processed coffee, a complex and characterful cup from Costa Rica paired with cascade hop, cascsara and cherry extraction. For the finals, Dan used Ethiopia Suke Quto Washed coffee – his demonstration of skill being never more evident in his switching coffees so successfully and seamlessly.

William’s routine explored the diversity of flavour in coffee through the use of Ethiopia Suke Quto (Washed). For this he experimented with various roast profiles and extraction levels at The Roastery, capturing the full spectrum of flavours present in the coffee and selecting his favourite to showcase in his signature drink. These flavours were then enhanced through the addition of stunningly aromatic kaffir lime leaf and lemongrass tea with flamed peel from grapefruit soaked in jasmin oil. 

Both Dan and William’s routines showcased the exciting nature of speciality coffee and the incredible level of skill and dedication held by top level baristas. Roll on 2016.


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