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Introducing our new coffees

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We're excited to be introducing our two new espresso blends, Resolute and Pathfinder. These will replace our current Seasonal Collection and Two Twenty Collective. But why the change? Here Joshua Tarlo, our Coffee Development Manager explains.

About six months ago we decided to re-examine how we offer our coffees in hopes of giving people clearer understanding of what every blend is. To do this we looked past the cupping tables, past the cafes and even past the cup itself. We decided to think about what people look for in their coffee as inspiration for everything we do. What that means is we want to answer not the question of do you feel like a filter or a cappuccino or a Nicaraguan or Ethiopian coffee but something before that even happens. We want to offer coffees that satisfy your idea of what coffee is. 

After talking to a variety of coffee drinkers from the true coffee aficionado to the person who just needs a quick fix to help them on their day, we have developed an offering list to cater to people’s ideas. We start with our two blends named Pathfinder and Resolute. 

Resolute is a no nonsense classic idea of coffee. No matter its contents we aim for it to taste of dark chocolate and nutty with a big body. Resolute was created to be the bedrock of that classic morning latte or that shot of espresso. A coffee that tastes like coffee.

We didn’t want to stop there though. At Origin we respect the past but if it’s behind the espresso machine, the roaster or working with our producers we’re always looking towards what coffee can be. Pathfinder is the idea that coffee can be as sweet as it can be tough, that it can be syrupy berries, light chocolate and fruity. And that can be delicious. Pathfinder is about capturing the incredible qualities hidden in the best coffee cherries and roasting them to be the high notes in a cappuccino or the syrupy like sweetness in an espresso.

Both of these blends will be composed of the incredible coffees grown all around the world. In Resolute you will see coffees from people like Erwin who we saw in Nicaragua in March, standing on the side of a volcano surrounded by his coffee shrubs talking about the house he wants to build there so he can wake up to the gorgeous view of his farm every day. Or Alfredo Pacas whose coffee you’ll find in Pathfinder. A few months ago in El Salvador as Alfredo and I looked out over the coffee drying patios (recently turned into basketball courts for the kids of people working at the mill) he told me about how his grandfather found the coffee varietal named after his family on a hill not far from there. 

Beside these blends will be a small collection of often changing single origins. We will always offer a single origin that satisfies people who love a bit of mixer in their daily coffee by adding a bit of milk and sugar or just something a bit more classic in its flavour profile with creamy chocolate and deep caramels. Beside that we will have something a bit brighter and more adventurous that will be a delicious black coffee full of sweetness and delicious fruit notes. These two coffees will hang around for three to six months before changing to another fresh crop coffee.

With our long stay single origins will be our monthly guest. A new coffee selected each month to satisfy the more adventurous, the kinds of coffees that make people say “I didn’t know coffee could taste like this.” Here you will take vibrant, fruity coffees that have lively acidities and incredible complexities.

Essentially though what we're doing hasn't changed. We will continue to source from producers we trust who are creating something special, socially and sustainably, and present to you their incredible, complex and interesting coffees. Ones that will turn a hard morning at the office into something better.

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