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Meet the Team: Daisy - Barista, Charlotte Road

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Meet Daisy. One of our talented baristas behind the bar at our Charlotte Road shop in Shoreditch.

We recently caught up with her over a brew and chatted through all things day-to-day at the shop, her journey into coffee and what she gets up to away from the brew bar.

So Daisy, how did you get into coffee?
I actually started working in a cafe when I was 15, and my love just grew from there. It’s an industry that I think I have really grown with, especially speciality coffee. When I moved to London 5 years ago, speciality coffee was really hard to come by, now it’s almost everywhere.
What is your favourite coffee brewing method at home?
Honestly? You can’t go wrong with a French press! Or I love going out for coffee...
How would you describe Charlotte Road to someone who’s never been?
Charlotte Road is a busy, exciting cafe to both work in and visit as a customer; we strive to create an atmosphere that is fun and relaxed, whilst still taking coffee very seriously.
Can you describe your role at Origin? What are you up to day-to-day?
Busy!!! There’s always something to do. Checking batch ratios, dialling in new spro recipes, sampling new baked goods, it’s always so varied and fast paced. We have a huge line of regulars who I love so much. Having such a great ongoing relationship with people who work and live in the neighbourhood make each day so nice, it really feels like a genuine friendship.
What is it about your career in coffee that drives you?
Meeting customers who are enthusiastic and down to chat about coffee is so fun. Having the chance to educate people who come into Charlotte Road is awesome. I love learning from my colleagues as well - we all work together so constructively I feel like everything is collaborative which is so cool!
Shoreditch is a special place. What do you think is unique about the local coffee community there?
Our coffee community is a great mix of ages, backgrounds and professions. I think the way our customers love to be involved in coffee is amazing; from general questions and home brewing education to interest in our monthly cupping clubs. Our regulars are geniunely interested and like to be a part of Origin and that’s what I like the most.
Can you remember the first coffee experience that excited you?
The memory that stands out to me the most is trying my first geisha filter- I didn’t know that coffee could taste like that!
When you’re not brewing coffee, what do you like to do in your free time?
I love art, so going to galleries is what I normally do on my days off, and I also love trying new restaurants and eating new kinds of food! 


You can read more about Charlotte Road here – hope to see you in the shop soon.

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