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November's Featured Coffee. San Raphael.

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During our sourcing trip to Costa Rica earlier this year we spent the majority of our time in the Dota Valley. Famed for its coffee growing, the area boasts 52 micro regions. We sampled coffee from each of these and secured two microlots. The first was our October featured coffee, La Guaria and the second, this month’s guest coffee, San Raphael. 
San Raphael is a semi washed coffee, also known as a pulped natural. The fruit is depulped, removing the outermost layer, but the mucilage (sugary substance) is retained for the drying process. The drying process – in this case sun dried on patios – requires a great deal of attention with constant rotation (raking) to ensure even drying and the avoidance of fermentation and damage. Coffee beans processed in this way tend to offer a cup with more body and lower acidity than fully washed coffees, yet cleaner and less fruity than naturally processed. This explains the sweet, full bodied mouth feel.

Purchase San Raphael filter coffee here.
Purchase espresso roast here.

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