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October's Featured Coffee. La Guaria

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The newest addition to our superb Costa Rican line up is our featured coffee for October, La Guaria (fully washed). This cup offers a fresh, crisp profile with white tea aromatics and flavours of grapefruit and white wine.

Secured during our recent sourcing trip, La Guaria is a micro region located within Tarrazu in the stunning Dota Valley, Costa Rica. This small lot coffee is contributed to by 18 producers who are part of Coopedota, a cooperative of small producers.

Coopedota was founded in 1960 by 96 coffee growers. The cooperative was formed in order that the individual growers could join forces to meet the requirements of the roasters, without having to sell to a middleman. Now 50 years on, headed by Roberto Mata, Coopedota has around 800 members, covering some 2,000 hectares and producing around 50,000 bags of green every year. Coopedota also holds the accolade of developing the world’s first carbon neutral coffee as well as having received the national “Guayacán” prize as a reward for its environmental friendly policies. A perfect partnership for us given we roast on the world’s first environmentally friendly roaster, the Loring Smart Roast. 

La Guaria is a fully washed coffee; the pulp is removed using a roller (rather than mechanically washed). The de-pulped fruit is then placed in a fermentation tank until all of the sugars have broken down and no mucilage remains, and then washed in clean water. The coffee beans are then placed out to sun dry on patios. It’s this processing that gives this cup its crisp, zesty notes.


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