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One Farm. Two Processes.

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Producer: Carlos & Diana Barrantes
Country: Costa Rica
Region: West Valley
Altitude: 1500-1600m
Process: Golden Honey & Black Honey

In the line-up at Origin are two exemplary seasonal coffees from Costa Rica. Excitingly we’re offering two different honey processes from the same micro mill; La Perla Golden Honey and La Perla Black Honey. 

Located in the stunning Naranjo micro region in the West Valley of Costa Rica, these two coffees are produced at what was one of the area’s first micro mills. La Perla del Café micro mill was established in 2011. Prior to this the owners, Carlos and Diana, worked with their relatives at Herbazu micro mill where, as part of this team, they helped shape the micro mill revolution in Costa Rica. Their pioneering pedigree is clear in the expertise and experimental approach at La Perla, as well as in the high regard in which it is held.  
The total area of production is 20 hectares, in which three varietals are grown, including Villa Sarchi, the varietal of this lot. 
We’re delighted to have been able to secure two different processed coffees from La Perla during our sourcing trip there earlier this year. They superbly showcase how the variations in mucilage retained prior to drying influence the aromas and flavours. For us this is what speciality coffee is all about and why, at Origin, we roast lightly to enable these processing characteristics to be showcased to the full.
The golden honeyed coffee from La Perla is light, bright and crisp with notes of white grape and lemon. By contrast, the black honey is juicy and complex with rich, deep aromas of black fruit and flavours of dark chocolate and pecan.

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La Perla Golden Honey vs La Perla Black Honey


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