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September's Featured Coffee. Costa Rica.

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Our featured seasonal coffee for September is the first of our new Costa Rican coffees, sourced earlier this year - Lomas Al Rio Red Honey.

Milled at the prestigious Lomas Al Rio in Costa Rica’s West Valley, this coffee is red-honeyed giving it a deliciously sweet and syrupy cup.

Filter: Notes of marzipan, almond essence and ripe red fruit.
Espresso: Rolls in with a mellow, chewy sweetness and then builds to flavours of Marzipan and stone fruit.
The perfect "easy Sunday" coffee.

Lomas Al Rio is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning mill benefitting from the twenty years’ experience and innovative approach of owner Grace Mena. Considered the pioneer of the country’s micro mill revolution, this mill is also cited as the founder of the “honey” process, particular to Costa Rica.

To produce this coffee, the ripest cherries have been selected from the West Valley, de-pulped to leave the mucilage intact and then red-honeyed under a watchful eye to ensure the right sugar balance to form this syrupy cup.

We are also offering the Lomas Al Rio Black Honey enabling us to showcase two degrees of the honey process from the same grower; this has a heavier body and more complex flavour.

Image: Erick Rojas, Lomas Al Rio Manager

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