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We're Hosting. UKBC Southern Heat.

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We’re delighted to be hosting this year’s Southern Heat of the UK’s most prestigious barista competition, the UK Barista Championships, run by SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe – UK chapter). And the chosen venue for it, the famous SS Great Britain located in the heart of Bristol’s harbourside.


The meeting will take place on Friday 28th November and will see twenty of the South’s most talented baristas gather to demonstrate their brewing prowess. The heat will comprise of fifteen minute slots in which each barista will have the opportunity to make four espresso, four cappuccino and four espresso based non-alcholic speciality drinks. The drinks are judged by two technical and four sensory judges, who between them will assess everything from technical knowledge to taste balance. A test of both art and science. 

The location is iconic to the South and will be a unique venue for such talented baristas to gather and demonstrate their ability. It’s incredibly important that events like this are well supported to help promote the skills that go into brewing exceptional coffee. The UK’s playing catch up with the coffee cultures in America, Australia and New Zealand, in which being a barista is a well-respected and understood profession. We’re delighted to be hosting this year and helping to recognise this talent.

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