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Published, Dec 31, 2019

HuskeeCup. Sustainability FAQs.

Our current single-use cups of choice - HuskeeCup – are comprised of repurposed coffee husk, a bi-product of coffee production.

By using a HuskeeCup, you are helping to recycle hundreds of tonnes of waste material from the production of coffee. It is produced using non-toxic (BPA free) materials with no hazardous chemicals and has been tested as food safe. It has been designed to aid you coffee shop and reduce your eco-footprint.

Sustainability is a critical part of what we do at Origin and we’ve broken down some frequently asked questions on the HuskeeCup, including composition and the process behind sourcing them for you below.

What percentage of the content is discarded coffee bean husk? (In the past, where did the husk go?)
Percentages vary slightly, but currently we are close to 50% coffee husk in the cup. Important to note that anymore and the structural integrity of the cup would be compromised. Previously the discarded coffee husk went to landfill however, this wasn’t great for soil quality even though it is an organic waste by-product. This also poses a strong logistical challenge for the farmers as the sheer volume of husk to move is quite high.

How and from where is the husk collected, and moved to the place of production?
HuskeeCup currently source Husk in China and also produce in China as well. They are looking into setting up the production centres that could take advantage of other Husk sources without needing to ship raw husk overseas.

What material is used to bind the husk together? Is it fossil fuel-based plastic or plastic derivative?
HuskeeCup use polypropylene (PP) as the binding agent. They explored using bioplastics when they were prototyping but found they could not withstand commercial dishwashing - an essential component in the functionality of Huskee Swap scheme.
Following the recommendations of a material consultant, HuskeeCup chose PP for its durability, machine wash ability and recyclability.

If you’ve got any questions about the HuskeeCup you’d like to ask please don’t hestitate to contact us here.