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Acaia Lunar Scale

Acaia Lunar Scale
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Designed with the same functional and aesthetic experience of the Acaia Pearl collection, with a more compact size that fits onto the drip tray of an espresso machine.

After Acaia launched their widely praised Pearl barista scale they turned their talents to building the perfect scale for use behind the espresso bar and for travel. Built to be highly durable with water protection and premium aluminium body; the low profile of the Lunar allows ease of use on the drip tray.

The Lunar not only offers a stunning design aesthetic but has been created with incredible functionality in mind, compatible with the Acaia iPhone & Android app.

The Acaia Lunar scales are remarkably fast, with a 20ms response time, offering instant readings. They are incredibly accurate within 0.1 of a gram and capable of weighing up to 2kg. The scales have a rechargeable USB power supply, offering a greener alternative power source, with a battery life of 20-30 hours.

Included in the pack:
Acaia Lunar Scale (black)
Aerial heat resistant pad (black)
Calibration Weight
Micro USB Cable


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