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Buena Vista

Buena Vista
Buena Vista
Buena Vista
Buena Vista
Buena Vista
Buena Vista
Flavour profiles

Peach, Marmalade, Cane Sugar

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Farm information
Jairo Ciro
Gaitania, Tolima
Caturra & Tabi
1,730 masl

The Ciro family farm sits about 15 minutes from the small town of Gaitania on the border of the Nevado del Huila National Park. The native forest trees at their farm Buena Vista, covers the coffee plants in shade which creates an ecosystem that induces higher flavour development. The reduced light allows the fruit to grow at a slower, more even rate. Not only does this heighten the level of sugars in the coffee, but it also increases the quality and yield size of the crop.

Buena Vista is an amazing result of a talented producer in a country with incredible terroir. We showcased it earlier on this year and enjoyed it so much we knew we had to bring it back. The final cup has soft peach flavours that give way to jammy, marmalade and cane sugar notes. A perfect capturing of how great Colombian coffee can be.



Espresso: 1:2 dose to yield, extracted in 28-36 secs
Filter: 0.07:1 coffee to water, brewed in 3-4 mins


Roast days are Tuesdays and Fridays. All orders placed by midnight the day before will be sent out first-class on the roast day.


We create a new and unique profile for each coffee we roast. Although the profiles are different, our approach is always the same, to highlight and accentuate the flavours created at the farm and mill. This means we don’t label our coffees as espresso, filter, dark or light roast. All of our coffees are omni-roast, meant to be delicious however you brew. We believe the heart of speciality is keeping the identity and character of every coffee intact and alive, no matter the brew method.


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