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Hartmann Geisha

Hartmann Geisha
Flavour profiles

Pineapple, Red Apple, Blackberry

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Farm information
The Hartmann Family
Volcan, Santa Clara
1,500 masl

This incredible geisha forms part of our Special Edition Series & captures why the varietal is held in such high regard.


Expect floral notes alongside pineapple, red apple and blackberry. A medium and juicy body with a long and syrupy sweet finish.

Sourced during Joshua’s recent trip to Panama, this award-winning coffee was produced by the Hartmann family. Testament to its exceptional quality, Paul Ross will be using it to represent the UK in the 2017 World Coffee In Good Spirits Championship.

The Hartmann’s approach to processing is an impressive one. This naturally processed geisha was dried on African beds for eight days before mechanical drying at 36 degrees for 36 hours, mimicking the power of the sun.

For the family’s story and more on the processing of this coffee, please visit


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