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Las Mingas

Las Mingas
Las Mingas
Las Mingas
Las Mingas
Flavour profiles

Red Apple, Floral Honey, Berries

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Farm information
Romero Sanchez Jesus Arbey
1,440 masl

Romero Sanchez Jesus Arbey, his wife Blanca Rojas and their children moved near Pitalito in Colombia’s Huila region about 17 years ago, for better schools and a better life. However, when they arrived Romero found incredible land - land that could create incredible coffee.

We first met Romero, his family and their big pack of playful dogs back in 2015. His farm is made up of gentle hills rather than the usual steep cliffs that are present on many coffee farms, making the very difficult job of creating this amazing coffee a little bit easier for Romero. When cupping his coffee at the mill we were struck by how it captured what was so unique and interesting about Colombian coffee and the Caturra varietal. Las Mingas proved such a great hit at the Roastery last year that we’re delighted to be offering this fresh crop.

Caturra is a natural mutation of the Bourbon varietal found in Brazil but has taken off in Colombia as the speciality coffee varietal of choice. Caturra is incredibly delicious, sweet and complex and Romero has captured Caturra at its very best.

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