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KeepCup Original 8oz

KeepCup Original 8oz
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Designed for drinking on-the-go, the classic KeepCup is light, durable and made of BPA & BPS free polypropylene. 


The lid and cup are produced using polypropylene, which is both BPA and BPS free, as well as being highly heat resistant and durable.  

The silicone sleeve provides additional comfort and is fully heat resistant.

All materials used to create this cup are 100% recyclable. The cup itself is dishwasher safe and microwave safe but please remove the polypropylene lid. 


Height - 3.6" x  Width - 2.4" x Depth - 3.2"

KeepCup are striving to make a difference to the way the world views convenience culture and want to kick start the demise of the disposable. KeepCup have a strong global commitment and donate a portion of profits made to charities such as Coffee Kids and COMUCAP's 'Strengthening Family Food Security' project, improving the lives of women in coffee growing communities in Honduras.

Designed and produced in Australia.


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