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Bag and Pod Returns


Our packaging forms a big part of our brand. Not only do our bags help visualise our identity, but in simple, practical terms, they make the transporting of our coffee, to you, possible. 

Finding packaging that makes the right impact, without making its mark on the environment, has been no easy task. From the outset, we’ve always known that what we do and how we do it will continuously evolve. We’re always up for the challenge–no corners cut. 

Since the very beginning our bags have marked each milestone in our journey, recognising our work and relationships to date while aligning with our vision. For years we've partnered with First Mile, a fellow B Corp certified business who specialise in waste and recycling management, who have broken down and recycled each component of our previous iterations of coffee bags. In 2022, we lauched a fully home compostable coffee bag, marking the next stage of our commitment to people and planet. By considering the full journey of a product -beyond its foremost use - makes sure we keep a throwaway attitude in check, constantly striving to do better. 


Perhaps you've still got some of our old black coffee bags lying around, or you've been saving up our latest version of fully home compostable bags, wondering how best to dispose of them. No problem. Post them back to us, and we'll take care of the waste for you.

The older black bags are sent on to First Mile, a recycling company with a zero-to-landfill approach. First Mile send our bags to a specialist facility that break down every component of the bag, ready for reuse. If you have our fully home compostable bags, but don’t have access to a home composter, we can compost them for you here at the Roastery. Coffee, chaff, bags, and more, are fed into our composter. The compost is then used in our Roastery allotment space, where we grow everything from beetroot, to broccoli, which is shared out among staff members. 

You can now send back your used coffee pods; these, too can be composted here at the Roastery if you're not able to do so at home. 

To send back your bags and coffee pods, simply save as many as you can, and reuse an envelope or box, addressing it to:


The Roastery, Origin Coffee, 1 Treysa Place, Porthleven, Cornwall , TR13 9FJ


    A whole lot of time, discussion, and research went into our home compostable packaging–and the result is another key moment that we’re incredibly proud of. 

    For our coffee bags, three layers of compostable films – sustainability sourced wood pulp, PLA (polylactic acid—a natural polymer created from renewable sources), and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper – are laminated together, creating a bag that retain freshness and flavour without impacting the environment: everything, including the valve, and zipper, have been certified compostable. Even the branding has been created using plant-based and non-toxic inks, dyes, and glues. This means that the main components of the bag – those layers of film – will decompose within 12 weeks, which certifies them as TUV Home Compostable. 

    Our coffee pods are certified 100% home compostable by the European Standards body. Maintaining freshness, with hermetically sealed barrier lidding, our coffee pods are fully compostable, made using 100% renewable raw materials, all of which are GMO and pesticide-free. 

    If you’ve got access to a home compost bin, you can simply pop your coffee bags and pods in, alongside your used coffee grinds. Simple as that; incredible coffee, no waste.