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Severe droughts. Devastating frosts. Unseasonable and unpredictable weather patterns. We’re already seeing the affects of climate change. With an outlook to shape a positive future, the only time to act, is now.

We’ve already seen how climate change is impacting the farmers we work with, affecting coffee harvests around the world. In simple business terms, this had led to reduced supply and soaring costs, but greater still, is the uncertainty and risk that this impact has on our farmers, whose livelihoods depend on a good crop of coffee.

Tackling climate change is no small feat, quick fix, or short term plan; it’s a lifetime of commitment and view to do business differently. As such we have worked, and continue to work, to assess and change practices throughout every area of our operations. We’re now working on setting Science Based Targets to build this critical road map to Net Zero.

From the very first meeting we as a small family run business got a fair chance to prove that we are able to fulfil the requirements of a company the size of Origin. We’ve been able to grow our business because of the trust Origin placed in us.

Delivering coffee on behalf of Origin, to their customers, is a very pleasing job as it always puts a smile on everybody’s faces; it feels like delivering to our own customers, even if we are just a service provider. Additionally, we have been able to get to know a lot of visionary Cornish hospitality businesses through Origin.

– Andre Hoffman, Hoffman Haulage

What does B Corp Actually Mean?

Stripped back to the basics, certified B Corporations are for-profit companies who share a global vision of a sustainable and inclusive economy. It’s the only certification that measures a company’s entire social and environmental performance, and every business that makes the cut is independently assessed and held accountable to prioritise responsibility to people and planet before profit.

What’s in it for Us–and You?

In a world saturated with buzzwords, it can be difficult to validate sustainable claims. That’s why gaining B Corp certification means so much to us: we’re on board with the right people who share our vision of transparency–no greenwashing necessary. 

Prior to being certified in 2020, our customers have had to trust that when we say we pay fairly, we do. That when we say our producers behave sustainably, they do. This all changes with B Corp certification. We now have an independent body who has interrogated our business and given us their stamp of approval. 

And it doesn’t stop there. Every three years, we go through the in-depth certification process again, being assessed against five key categories: governance, workers, customers, community, and the environment. This means we’re continuously working to better our practices, increase our score, and set the goalposts higher, with no finish line in sight.

Keeping Track

When it comes to sharing our journey, and holding true to our word, transparency is key. With each year comes a new challenge, and a new opportunity. As well as looking back, our reports are a great way to go forward, setting goals and targets for the year ahead. 

When it comes to trade, sustainability, and environmental policies, each is documented with full disclosure, capturing what went well, what could have gone better, and what comes next.


Farmers and producers; cafe owners and baristas; ceramists and technicians; the enthusiasts and the curious–coffee brings people together, and relationships built on mutual respect and trust are crucial. It’s much more than standing up for fair pay, an inclusive work environment, and celebrating and welcoming diversity. It’s about supporting and encouraging the many facets of wellbeing.

People really are our force for good.


We know there’s no action without consequence. Every decision we make is carefully considered; journeying forward always leaves a footprint behind, so it’s important to tread lightly. From championing Direct Trade business with like-minded producers, to roasting on our Loring Smart roasters, championing refill, repurposing by-products and encouraging a fully circular journey, with composters on site–nothing goes to waste.

Recycle, reducing, and reusing are ingrained into every part of our process, because looking after our planet is the only option we have.