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Origin x Verdant Brewing Co. Burnthouse Porter 5.5% ABV (4 pack)


From El Salvador, to Cornwall, Origin and Verdant Brewing Co. join forces again to dream up something extraordinary. 

Burnthouse is a celebration of craft and a commitment to quality: with coffee from Las Brisas highlighting how innovative approaches can unlock unique flavours from unexpected sources. From an abundance of tropical and citrus notes, this fruit-forward coffee complements the depth and character of Verdant’s base porter recipe, lifting classic notes of charred bread crust, dark chocolate, and caramel for a brilliantly characterful pour.

The second coffee and beer collaboration between Origin and Verdant Brewing Co., testament to the power of long-term relationships, here and around the world.



  • 4 x 440ml


Flavour Profile


  • Golden Promise, Brown Malt, Crystal 150, Chocolate, DRC


  • Name: Las Brisas
  • Notes: Pineapple, Tangerine, Dark Chocolate
  • Body: Medium, Firm
  • Acidity: Medium, Bright
  • Finish: Long, Chocolate
  • Country: El Salvador
  • Region: Juayua