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Casona Geisha Washed

Casona Geisha Washed
Casona Geisha Washed
Casona Geisha Washed
Casona Geisha Washed
Flavour profile

Orange Blossom, Pecan, Nectarine

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Farm information
The Mierisch Family
Green Tip Geisha
1,750 masl

The first harvest of any coffee involves experiencing it at its most undefined, when its identity has yet to be established. This is also one of the most exciting parts of the process; it gives us the chance to taste and explore the potential locked in the young plant. This coffee is sourced from a plot called Casona, which is filled with an illustrious geisha. To celebrate the first harvest, we have purchased two lots which have been processed using different methods, natural and washed.

This is the washed version. It’s grown by award-winning Nicaraguan producers, the Mierisch family on their experimental Honduran farm, Cerro Azul. The green tips on this geisha’s leaves, differentiate it from the bronze tipped geisha. These green tips are full of contrasting flavours. Gentle notes of nut perfectly juxtapose flora and fruit to create an overwhelmingly complex coffee.



Espresso: 1:2 dose to yield, extracted in 28-36 secs
Filter: 0.07:1 coffee to water, brewed in 3-4 mins


Roast days are Tuesdays and Fridays. All orders placed by midnight the day before will be sent out first-class on the roast day.


We create a new and unique profile for each coffee we roast. Although the profiles are different, our approach is always the same, to highlight and accentuate the flavours created at the farm and mill. This means we don’t label our coffees as espresso, filter, dark or light roast. All of our coffees are omni-roast, meant to be delicious however you brew. We believe the heart of speciality is keeping the identity and character of every coffee intact and alive, no matter the brew method.