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Cerro Azul

Cerro Azul
Cerro Azul
Cerro Azul
Cerro Azul
Cerro Azul
Cerro Azul
Flavour profiles

Marzipan, Nectarine, Red Delicious Apple

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Farm information
The Mierisch Family
Cerro Azul, Comayagua
Caturra & Pache
1,600 - 1,800 masl

Our final Honduran feature of the year is a mixed varietal farm lot from Cerro Azul. Named after the mountain range, Finca Cerro Azul is a high altitude farm that runs alongside the border of the national park. The park is set in the districts of Comayagua and Cortés between the Humuya river, and Lake Yojoa in north Honduras.

We flew into San Pedro and cupped at the Institute for Honduran Coffee, IHCafe’s, lab. This cupping was the first of seven that we did to build the farm lot from Cerro Azul. We selected lots from tablons that fitted the profile we were looking for and that would work best in the cup. The final lot was chosen because it was a departure from the intense acidity of other Honduran coffees, and instead is rich and creamy in the body and works extremely well with milk.

Brew ratios

Espresso: 1:2 dose to yield, extracted in 28-36 secs 
Filter: 0.07:1 coffee to water, brewed in 3-4 mins


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