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Recurring Coffee x Chocolate Subscription

Recurring Coffee x Chocolate Subscription
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Somethings are meant to be enjoyed together, introducing our coffee x chocolate subscription.

We've been working with Rio Nuevo over the past few years and are delighted to be showcasing their chocolate in this new subscription. The quality of their chocolate, along with the ethics in which it is sourced and produced, is a perfect accompaniment to our coffee. 

All subscriptions will be roasted to order and delivered in a mailbox friendly package.*

Subscription includes:

1 x 250g bag of coffee (either espresso or filter)

1 x 50g Rio Nuevo 72% Dark Chocolate (Ecuador)

If you select espresso, this will be our Resolute blend which our idea of a classic coffee. A consistent and full-bodied cup, with a defined dark chocolate and nut-like profile.

For filter, you'll receive San Fermin. Here, we looked to create a ‘session coffee’ – a comforting coffee you can drink all day long. San Fermin boasts flavours of orange sherbet, caramel and berries with a medium body and refreshing finish.  As coffee is a crop, seasonality may mean that San Fermin switches to Nicaragua Los Altos at certain times. This is another delicious session coffee from our long term partners, The Mierisch family. In this cup, you'll enjoy roasted almond, chocolate and brown sugar notes.

Depending on the frequency, your subscription will be roasted and despatched the day after your order pulls through. The prices shown include delivery. Please note, recurring payments will be taken weekly from the date of purchase.

Currently only available in the UK. You can amend or cancel your subscription by calling Customer Services (Monday to Friday, 0900 – 1700) on 01326 574337 or

*Height of mailbox package is 40mm, based on the average letterbox height in the UK*