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Das Almas (70 Hour Fermentation)


Dulce de Leche, Wild Strawberries, Milk Chocolate

One of the four experimental coffees from the Muniz family. This coffee went through an anaerobically fermented natural process. Fermenting for 70 hours results in a sweeter, more vibrant final cup.


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Tasting Notes

Dulce de Leche, Wild Strawberries, Milk Chocolate

Coffee Information

  • Country: Brazil
  • Method: Anaerobic Natural
  • Producer: Adriano & Mateus Muniz
  • Region: Sul de Minas
  • Varietal: Rubi
  • Elevation: 1,200 masl


Adriano and Mateus of Das Almas farm are committed to producing exceptional coffee whilst exploring innovative processing methods. Over the years, their post-harvest facilities have evolved from a basic shed to include advanced features like 5,000L fermentation tanks, reflecting their dedication. 

These developments sparked an experimental idea: processing the same coffee with varying fermentation levels, alongside a natural "control" batch, processed naturally, to deepen our understanding of how processing impacts flavour. Mateus selected Red Catuai cherries with a high soluble material score of 20-25% for this experiment.

This coffee was sealed in fermentation tanks at 22-23 degrees Celsius for 70 hours, allowing for a slow, controlled fermentation. Moisture and acidity levels were monitored consistently. After fermentation, the coffee underwent standard drying methods to achieve 11% moisture content. State-of-the-art sorting technology ensured only fully developed beans were preserved.

This experiment aims to educate consumers on the impact of fermentation on flavour profiles. The 70-hour fermentation process enhances the coffee's complexity, transitioning crisp apple and nut notes into vibrant strawberry and dulce de leche sweetness — a testament to innovative processing techniques.

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The Producer

We’ve worked closely with the Muniz family for over eleven years now; their commitment to sustainable practices, alongside their open-minded attitude experimentation - with incredible results - means that theirs is a friendship we hope to cherish for many years to come. The family began growing coffee in 1942, with second and third generation members of the family - Jose, and Matheus - maintaining it today. Until 1965, the farm operated without electricity, with post-harvest processing conducted through stream power. 

They’ve come a long way, with consistent coffee throughout their evolution; they’re Rainforest Alliance certified, with farm management through 14 sustainable programmes relating to environment, social, and economics. Das Almas - meaning ‘the souls’ (stemming from religious tribes believing that the soul is closer to God on higher altitudes) has 21 water springs, 42 hectares in permanent preservation, and 20 percent in legal preservation.

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