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El Porvenir

El Porvenir
El Porvenir
El Porvenir
El Porvenir
El Porvenir
El Porvenir
Flavour profiles

Lime, Green Grape, White Peach

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Farm information
Maria Leyda Saavedra de Gonzalez
Planadas, Tolima
Caturra & Colombia F6
1,720 masl

Every year we pay a visit to the small town of Planadas in Southern Tolima. In the cool Colombian mornings we cup coffee from the lots that make up the beans we bring back to the UK. It was amidst these lots we discovered Maria’s coffee. Her coffee is a shining example of why we love returning to Planadas so much. In the finished cup you can taste the incredible care that goes into producing coffee in this region.

Acidity is one of the key indicators of how well a coffee is picked, as this will have an overarching effect on its tasting notes. We consider malic acid an ideal benchmark, but to reach this it’s key to understand how coffee ripens. First citric acid is formed, followed by malic and at its most ripe, tartatic. Maria is skilled in reaching our favoured level of ripeness, which allows this crisp El Porvenir to shine.

Brew ratios

Espresso: 1:2 dose to yield, extracted in 28-36 secs 
Filter: 0.07:1 coffee to water, brewed in 3-4 mins


Roast days are Tuesdays and Fridays. All orders placed by midnight the day before will be sent out first-class on the roast day.