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Joy Resolve Portable Grinder


The Joy Resolve Portable Grinder is a wireless, battery-powered coffee grinder.


Designed for people who want the convenience of a small hand grinder but the power and ease of an electric countertop machine. Whether you are using it for a French press, AeroPress or a classic pour over, grind directly into the reusable filter for the freshest morning brew.

Fill the hopper with your desired dosage, up to 25 grames, then simply adjust the burr to your desired coarseness. The catcher has enough for 110ml of ground coffee.

Turn the adjustment anti-clockwise for greater coarseness grind, and clock-wise for a finer grind. The burr has over 45 clicks. Start at 0 before adjusting to your preferred brewing method. The grinder has 36mm durable burrs, a 1250mAh Li-Lon battery, and 45+ grinder settings.

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