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The St. Anthony Bundle

The St. Anthony Bundle
The St. Anthony Bundle
The St. Anthony Bundle
The St. Anthony Bundle
The St. Anthony Bundle
The St. Anthony Bundle
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The St. Anthony dripper and decanter bundle, the ultimate present for the coffee enthusiast.

Set includes:
1 x St. Anthony Filibuster Dual Wall Decanter
1 x St. Anthony Phoenix Dripper
1 x St. Anthony Dripper Filter Papers
1 x 250g Bag of San Fermin* filter coffee (whole beans)
1 x Coffee Well Made home brewing guide 

*Los Altos unavailable due to to crop seasonality*

The elegant Filibuster decanter is the perfect accompaniment to the Phoenix dripper – our barista accessory when it comes to one-cup brews. 

With its sleek and minimal design, the Filibuster offers a beautifully simple drinking experience. This hand crafted 650ml dual wall insulated glass decanter will maintain the heat of your brew, with the external glass layer remaining cool to touch for serving.

Includes hardwood lid with brass ball. 

Capacity – 650ml 
H 21cm | W 10cm 

Based on the fundamentals of geometry, physics and chemistry, the Phoenix brewer is the perfect barista staple for brewing a single cup. Crafted with solid metal, this brewer is as pleasing to touch as it is to look at. It's adjustable to the type of coffee being brewed, the volume of desired output and targeted cup profile.

The bundle is completed with a set of filter papers and a freshly roasted bag of ground coffee. 

Direct sourcing and seasonality are at the heart of our positioning. Our team visits growers across the world in pursuit of coffee excellence; we develop direct trade relationships to ensure traceability and sustainability, as well as enabling us to offer the most incredible speciality coffees.

Our skilled roasters, based here in Cornwall, then apply expert craftsmanship to lightly roast the coffee beans to delicately enhance their natural characteristics. The stories and values behind each cup will ensure that, not only will the drinker enjoy amazing coffee, but they will be immersed in a world of speciality.

Please note that this bundle doesn't come in a presentation box. Please see our Gift Sets for boxed gift options.


We recommend 0.07:1 coffee to water e.g. 21g to 300ml. Brew for 3-4 minutes.