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Suke Quto

Suke Quto
Suke Quto
Suke Quto
Suke Quto
Suke Quto
Suke Quto
Suke Quto
Suke Quto
Flavour profiles

Jasmine, Apricot, Bergamot

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Farm information
Tesfaye Bekele
Guji, Oromia
Kurume & Welicho
1,800 - 2,200 masl

For the last three years we have featured the work of Tesfaye and his farm Suke Quto. The information we can share, mirrors the growing transparency in Ethiopian coffee. 

When we first sourced this coffee, there were areas of uncertainties. It was unclear which zone the farm was officially located in and the varietals were yet to be determined. Working together with Tesfaye allowed us to investigate further. We discovered the official zone to be Guji and the varietals to be Kurme and Welicho, two varietals we have not seen before. The changes in the laws and the growing openness in Ethiopian coffee are welcoming change to us. 

What originally drew us to Suke still holds true; a coffee with high flavour clarity, one that captures the terroir of where it is from, an entirely delicious coffee.

Brew ratios

Espresso: 1:2 dose to yield, extracted in 28-36 secs 
Filter: 0.07:1 coffee to water, brewed in 3-4 mins


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