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Chemex 6-8 cup
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Product Reviews:

Wonderful ache ex, wonderful service - by , 21-10-2014

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I grew up with one of these in the 1970's, and was always a favourite. Now I have one, and just introduced my coffee aficionado son to the idea as well. But the best part was the charming service, and the really lovely empty hessian coffee sack that came in the package! Brilliant touch. My customer services helper, Sally, wrote to ask if it was a gift and if so, should she include a note? Now that is service. Well done, and we love our products.
Chemex 6-8 Cup - by , 07-10-2014

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combined with brands and filters from Origin. makes great coffee. easy to use and looks really good (which always helps!)

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Perfect, clean, crisp filter coffee.

  • £43.00


The Chemex coffee maker is one of our favourite ways to brew coffee. It's been brewing clear and pure coffee for over forty years and still remains one of the purest methods of brewing.

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