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Published, Jul 05, 2022

Chemex Brew Guide

 This classic 6-cup Chemex pour-over is a simple and elegant way for brewing filter coffee. For us, brewing should be a ceremony, and with the Chemex it really is. This short brewing guide gives insight on how to get the most from your Chemex brew. 



For this recipe, we're using 30g of coffee for 500ml of water. 

  • Coffee: 30g (coarse grind)
  • Water: 500ml
  • Temperature for coffee extraction: Between 93-96 degrees.
  • Temperature to heat up the milk: Between 55-65 degrees.


  1. Prepare all ingredients and equipment
  2. Heat brewing water to 97°C
  3. Fold filter paper and place in Chemex
  4. Rinse filter paper with hot water to remove taints and preheat vessel
  5. Grind the coffee at a coarse grind (granulated sugar)
  6. Pour the ground coffee into the brewer and gently shake to flatten the coffee
  7. Place the Chemex on scales and tare (zero)
  8. Start your timer as soon as you begin pouring
  9. Using a circular motion, bloom the coffee by pouring 60 grams of water before 0:30 seconds
  10. At 0:30, gently pour another 250g of water into your Chemex.
  11. At 1:00, pour the rest of the water until there is 500g in total
  12. Give the Chemex a gentle swirl
  13. Wait for all the water to pass through the coffee grounds
  14. Your finished brew time should be around 4:00 - 4.30 minutes
  15. Enjoy


  • If your coffee takes longer than 4:00 - 4:30 minutes to brew, make your grind setting coarser
  • If you coffee takes shorter than 4:00 - 4:30 minutes to brew, make your grind setting finer