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Published, Nov 15, 2022

Join us in Doing Good 

This Black Friday week, we’ll be gifting you, and giving back with points and pounds, all for a good cause.

We’re proud to do things differently. When it comes to leading change, we’ve long been pioneers. While it’s easy to get caught up in the hype of big discounts and sales, we’re committed to people and planet before profit, always.

That’s why, this Black Friday week, we’ll be offering you a chance to get your Christmas shopping done in good spirit, earn 2 x points on all your purchases, and help us raise money for Shelter, a charity committed to tackling the housing crisis and ending homelessness in the UK.

All members of our loyalty programme, The Circle, will receive 2 x points on all orders, from November 21st through to the 28th. Alongside this, for every 250g bag of coffee sold, we’ll be donating £1 to Shelter, a charity committed to ending the housing crisis in the UK. Not a member yet? Head over to our website to create an account in a few easy steps.

You’ll get all your gifting done, earn points you can turn into treats, and know your money is going toward a charity that provides something everyone should have all year round: a safe place to call home.


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We made a donation of £1,879 to Shelter on December 5.