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Coffee Pod FAQs

Are Origin’s coffee pods Nespresso compatible?

Yes, all our coffee pods are compatible with Nespresso machines excluding Nespresso Vertuo.

Are Origin coffee pods compostable?

We’re very proud to share that our latest run of coffee pods have been fully certified for home composting, as approved by the European standards body.

Can you compost coffee pods at home?

Absolutely. We recommend disposing in your food waste bin or garden compost. This is dependent on variable conditions, such as temperature and compost location however.

Learn how to make compost at home or discover more on our home compostable coffee bags

How to compost coffee pods without a food waste bin?

If you don’t have a compost bin at home, then check with your local council about compost collections/drop offs. Alternatively, there may be local community hubs (farms/allotments) that can support.

Where to recycle coffee pods in the UK?

You can recycle coffee pods through partners such as Podback or First Mile, or check with your local council.

How much coffee is in an Origin coffee pod?

Each pod contains 5-5.5g of coffee +/- 0.1%

How do you use a coffee pod?
  1. Ensure your machine is full of water
  2. Turn on and leave to heat up, ideally for a couple of minutes
  3. Ensure chamber is empty
  4. Place pod in a compatible coffee pod machine
  5. Choose desired brew mode
  6. Enjoy
Are coffee pods all the same size?

All our coffee pods are the same size. You can get variations, but ours all come from the same supplier and are Nespresso compatible.

Are coffee pods the same as coffee capsules?

Yes. This is simply a terminology variance.

Can you use coffee pods twice?

You can, although this is not recommended as it will dilute the flavour and quality of your brew.

Do coffee pods expire?

Although coffee pods never expire, ours are best consumed 12/14 months from encapsulation.

Does Origin have a coffee pod subscription?

Yes, get free shipping, 15% in rewards and more with our coffee pod subscription