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Cafetiere Coffee FAQs

What is the best coffee for a cafetiere?

This is subjective to each drinker. Traditionally, medium to darker roasts or classic Brazilian or Colombian coffee have profile that shine through in a cafetière

How to choose the best coffee for a cafetiere?

Experimentation. It’s all about finding what works for you. Try our Feature coffee subscription, where you explore the world of speciality coffee receiving a new coffee on each send.

What is the best grind size for cafetiere coffee?

Coarse. Read guide on how to grind coffee at home or simply select the coarse option when checking out.

How much coffee to use in a cafetiere?

A good recipe to start with is 15g of coffee for 250g of water. Brew, taste and refine to suit your flavour preferences. You can also watch our cafetière brew guide for more context.

Can you use regular ground coffee in a cafetiere?

We always recommend grinding coarse. Finer coffee will work, although the final cup won’t be as delicious.

Can you use espresso coffee grounds in a cafetiere?

Avoid this were you possible. Buy fresh coffee and grind at home with a coffee grinder, or select the coarse coffee variant when choosing your coffee.