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SCA Coffee Course FAQs

How much do SCA barista training courses cost?

These courses range from £200 to £650 pounds. There is also a SCA student enrolment fee of £50 too.

How does each coffee barista course work?

All courses now include SCA certification, but there is a SCA student enrolment fee of £50 that must be paid before you can take the course.

The enrolment fee must be paid before you can attend the course That’s it, you’re all booked and ready for the next step in your coffee journey.

On the day(s) itself, you’ll receive a mixture of theoretical and hands-on learning and at the end of they course, you’ll be required to complete an exam in order to pass.

What can I do with a coffee barista course certification?

Achieving a SCA Coffee Course certification allows you to develop as a speciality coffee professional in the industry. As well as improving your skills, these courses are designed to help you have a long career in the coffee industry.