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Single Origin Coffee FAQs

What does single origin coffee mean? 

Single origin coffee is sourced from a specific geographic location, such as a farm or region, and represents the unique flavors and characteristics of that origin.

What is the difference between single origin coffee and a blend? 

Single origin coffee comes from a specific geographic location, while a blend is a combination of different coffee beans from various origins or farms.

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Why should I choose a single origin coffee? 

Choose single origin coffee for its unique and distinct flavors, as it allows you to explore the specific characteristics and terroir of a particular region or farm.

Is single origin coffee better quality?

Single origin coffee is not inherently better quality than blends. Quality depends on factors like bean selection, roasting, and brewing methods, which can be achieved in both single origin and blended coffees.

Where is single origin coffee sourced from? 

Single origin coffee can come from various countries and regions around the world, including well-known coffee-producing nations like Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, Nicaragua and more.

Does single origin work in espresso?

Yes, single origin coffees can work well in espresso. They can provide unique flavor profiles and showcase the distinct characteristics of the origin when properly roasted and brewed.

Is single origin more preferred in filter coffee?

Single origin coffee is often preferred in filter brewing methods, as it allows the nuances and unique flavors of the origin to shine through without being blended with other beans.

How do you brew single origin coffee?

Brew single origin coffee using specific brewing guides tailored to your preferred method, such as pour-over,
French press, or AeroPress, to ensure optimal extraction and flavor expression.