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Published, Jan 22, 2021

Espresso Brew Guide

Dialling in espresso is an essential skill for all baristas. The rate at which ground coffee dissolves in water has a great effect on overall taste. Espresso flavour is influenced by ground weight, overall espresso weight and the time it takes to produce your espresso. Using a simple ratio and following some easy-to-follow steps, we can extract a delicious and balanced espresso.



With this recipe, we’re aiming to extract the espresso in 28-32 seconds with a total espresso weight of 36g (1:2 ratio)

  • Coffee to water ratio: 18:36g (1:2)
  • Coffee: 18g (fine grind)
  • Water: 36g
  • Extraction time: 28-32 seconds
  • Temperature for coffee extraction: Between 93-96 degrees.
  • Temperature to heat up the milk: Between 55-65 degrees. 


  1. Take the portafilter out of the machine and clean it with a towel
  2. Run some water through the machine (also known as flushing)
  3. Place the portafilter scales and tare (zero)
  4. Dose 18g of freshly ground coffee into the handle and distribute the coffee evenly in the basket
  5. The coffee grind size should be fine (icing sugar)
  6. With the edge of the portafilter handle on the counter (or tamping mat), use your body weight to gently tamp and evenly distribute the ground coffee in the basket.
  7. Clean the rim of the handle with your hand making sure there is no loose coffee outside of the basket
  8. Twist the portafilter into the group head
  9. Place coffee scales and a cup under the spouts
  10. Press the double shot button and start the timer
  11. With this recipe, we’re aiming to extract the espresso in 28-32 seconds with a total espresso weight of 36g (1:2 ratio)
  12. If the espresso extracts shorter than 28 seconds, the coffee is too coarse. Adjust the grind size to make the coffee finer
  13. If the espresso extracts longer than 32 seconds, the coffee is too fine. Adjust the grind size to make the coffee coarser
  14. Stop the machine when the scale reads around 34 grams (this is to accommodate the delay of the scales)
  15. Let it drip to 36 grams
  16. Stir the espresso
  17. Enjoy


  • To keep your machine in really good condition and your coffee tasting at its best, it is essential that you fully clean your machine daily. A well-kept machine will reduce servicing costs and ensure your machine will give you years of loyal service.
  • Between each grind adjustment, grind off some coffee to ensure all the coffee is the new desired size