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Our Journey

Founded in 2004 by Tom Sobey, Origin Coffee is one of Europe's leading speciality coffee roasters. Leading change in the industry for nearly two decades, Origin remains committed to a pursuit of coffee excellence bound by one central ethos--to source, support, and champion farmers and producers through a sustainable, triple-bottom-line approach.

Now, with a team of coffee professionals, a world-class coffee programme, seven coffee shops, and an ever-evolving product range, Origin sits proudly as one of the longest standing speciality coffee roasters on UK shores.


We have a responsibility to the planet and the people we work with. Creating a positive impact across the supply chain, and providing support to the farmers, pickers, sorters, drivers, rakers, washers, dry millers, cuppers, roasters, trainers, baristas, and drinkers. Each is striving for the same end goal: to make every cup of coffee exceptional.

It’s our responsibility to do right by every person, every step of the way. This means championing speciality coffee from every angle, with integrity at the heart of every decision made.

"The last 18 years have been a journey of exploration and collaboration. What we do has changed as we’ve grown, but our approach remains the same. Ultimately, it’s about respect – for the people, the process, the coffee, the brewing. We simply focus on making the coffee the best it can be. And we’re just getting started."

Tom Sobey

Owner & Founder of Origin


Blending science and senses, ritual and experimentation. Obsessing over every detail. Roasting lightly. Respecting the beans – and the individuals who savour speciality coffee. From the source. As we roast. While we educate. And when we brew. From start to finish, quality is an essential component to all we do.

Our team of roasters, Q Graders, and coffee professionals follow meticulous sensory measures throughout every stage of roasting to ensure your final cup is outstanding. The quality of knowledge and skill is shared through each avenue of education provided, passed on from the farm to the final cup, from customer to consumer. Quality lies at the heart of every brew served. Quality first. Always.


The never-ending search for extraordinary coffee. Each year, as we grow, we travel farther and wider, finding ourselves in the enviable position of being able to look beyond the expected. 

Our longstanding relationships remain the backbone of what we offer, but new journeys punctuate this, offering our customers a taste of the future of speciality coffee. From complex terroir, where exciting varietals shape exploration, to challenging the expected and championing lesser-known regions, we go the distance in pursuit of coffee excellence, raising awareness, celebrating the power of connectivity, and nurturing new and old friendships alike.


Respecting knowledge and skill. Rewarding consideration and creativity. We recognise the privilege to have worked with and supported some of the world's leading coffee professionals.

World Coffee in Good Spirits Championships
2018 & 2019
UK Cup Tasters Championships
UK Barista Championships
2016 & 2018
UK Coffee in Good Spirits Championships
2021, 2018 & 2019
UK AeroPress Championships


Creating spaces. Connecting with our community first-hand. A visit to one of our locations is an inclusive step into the world of speciality coffee. 

In London and Cornwall, our focus is singular: to share incredible coffee and food, where education, exploration, and sensory experiences are key. From our Roastery HQ in Cornwall, through to our flagship site in Shoreditch, London, our spaces are designed to level the playing field; everyone's welcome.


Celebrating the people who make Origin what it is. Aligning with partners who share our goals and vision for a greener planet. From producers to creators, customers to suppliers. When it comes to working relationships, mutual respect is what these friendships are built upon.

The right partnerships matter. It’s not just down to design and aesthetics. It’s more than taste and touch. Quality, openness, and a common goal of doing business differently–these traits sit at the heart of our partnerships. From the equipment we brew with, to the energy we use across all our locations–each partnership is a careful and conscious choice. Here, we shine the light on some of the incredible partners we work with.