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Coffee Subscription FAQs

What is included in a coffee subscription box?
  • Alongside your coffee bag, included in each subscription box is a beautifully designed tasting card which explains the provenance, story and flavour of the coffee. The perfect collectible.
How often can I be sent a coffee subscription box?
  • We offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly coffee subscription frequencies. Once setup, you can easily modify your expected delivery date through our mobile app.
How do rewards work if I am a subscriber?
  • All our subscribers get 15 points for every £1 they spent. This works out as 15% cashback on each order, which you can then redeem on discount vouchers or free products in the future. As a subscriber you also get early access and exclusive subscriber-only perks and rewards.
How much does the Origin Coffee subscription cost?
  • Our coffee subscriptions start at £8.50. We offer a 25% introductory offer if you’re looking to subscribe, simply enter SUB25 at checkout.
What type of coffee is available with Origin’s speciality coffee subscription?
  • We have over 10 different subscriptions to suit a range of brewing methods and flavour preferences. Included in this are decaf, espresso and filter subscriptions, alongside coffee pods and cold brew too.
Does Origin deliver ground coffee as well as coffee beans?
  • Yes. Although we do recommend buying a home grinder and choosing a whole bean option for optimum freshness, our Roastery team can pre-grind your coffee.
  • We offer filter, AeroPress and espresso grind sizes. Read our how to grind coffee at home guide to learn more.
Is Origin’s subscription coffee compatible with AeroPress?
  • Yes. Our coffee is suitable for all brewing methods.
Is Origin’s coffee subscription compatible for filter brewing?

Yes. Our coffee is omni-roasted, which means it will work well with all brewing options. Although some options, such as our feature or filter coffee subscription are more suited.

How flexible is the Origin Coffee subscription?
  • Your coffee subscription can easily be managed through our customer portal, which is now even easier to access through our mobile app. Modify, cancel, change billing details, update address and more. All through your mobile phone.
Can I amend or skip a monthly coffee subscription?
  • Yes. Simply login to the customer portal online or through our mobile app and skip your delivery. We’ll also send you an email 3 days before your order is set to pull through, with a one-tap option to skip or change your next delivery date.
Does the subscription cost include coffee delivery?
  • Yes. All coffee subscriptions include free delivery and have access to a wide range of perks through our rewards programme.