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Published, Jan 29, 2021

AeroPress Brew Guide

The AeroPress is a superb one-cup brewer which uses high pressure extraction to brew an incredible cup of coffee. This means you can brew with coffee roasted for espresso, as well as filter. For the purpose of our recipe though, we would recommend using a filter roast. 



For this recipe, we're using 12g of coffee for 200ml of coffee. 

  • Coffee: 12g (medium grind)
  • Water: 200ml
  • Temperature for coffee extraction: Between 93-96 degrees.
  • Temperature to heat up the milk: Between 55-65 degrees.


  1. Prepare all ingredients and equipment
  2. Add filter paper to cap and rinse with plenty of water
  3. Heat brewing water to 97°C
  4. Place AeroPress in inverted position (widened sections on top and bottom of brewer, with screw cap facing up)
  5. Grind your coffee at medium grind (caster sugar)
  6. Add 12g of ground coffee to brewing chamber of AeroPress and gently shake to ensure the coffee is level
  7. Place AeroPress on scales and reset to zero
  8. Start timer and pour in a circular motion, 200 grams of hot water
  9. Stir five times and ensure all grounds are wet and screw cap on the top of the AeroPress
  10. At 1:45, carefully flip the AeroPress onto a vessel
  11. At 2:00, press down firmly on the AeroPress to filter the brewed coffee. This should take around 20-30 seconds, keep pressing until you hear a ‘hissing’ sound
  12. Aim to have all your coffee out and brewed by 2:20 – 2:30 minutes


  • Grind coffee on a medium setting: using the hand grinder, set burrs to the tightest and unwind 3-4 clicks
  • If your coffee takes longer than 30 seconds to brew when pushing down on the AeroPress, make your grind setting coarser
  • If you coffee takes shorter than 30 seconds to brew when pushing down the AeroPress, make your grind setting finer