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Espresso Machine FAQs

What coffee beans are best for an espresso machine?

This all depends on your flavour preference. Coffee blends are often better suited to espresso-based drinks but single origin coffees often taste amazing as espresso.

It’s best to try a range of coffees and immerse yourself in speciality coffee to find your favourite cup. Try our Feature Coffee Subscription and receive a new coffee each week.

Can an espresso machine make a latte?

Yes. Simply brew an espresso shot and foam your milk to latte levels and combine

Are all espresso machines the same?

No not at all. Each espresso machine will have different technical specifications such as boiler size, brew technologies, pressure systems, temperature controls and more. If you’re unsure on what machine is best suited to you please give us a call or email our Customer Service team.

How does an espresso machine work?

Learn how an espresso machine works first hand with this espresso brew guide

Why are espresso machines more expensive?

The complexity of brewing espresso and the need for precision, durability, and advanced features contribute to the higher cost of espresso machines.

How do you clean an espresso machine?

Simply follow the manufactures guide to cleaning. We recommend cleaning after each use with a deeper clean at least once a month.

Can you put any coffee in espresso machines?

All our coffee is suitable for espresso machines, just make sure to get the correct grind size to allow for solid extraction. Or you can buy pre-ground to suit.