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Coffee Grinders

Coffee Grinder FAQs

Why should I buy a coffee grinder?

Buying a coffee grinder allows you to grind coffee beans fresh before brewing, resulting in a more flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee with greater control over grind size and freshness.

Can I grind beans without a grinder?

There are alternative methods to grinding coffee but we would always recommend a grinder from this collection, to ensure accuracy across coffee grounds.

How does a coffee grinder work?

A coffee grinder works by grinding whole coffee beans into desired coarseness or fineness, as explained in a how-to guide, using either blade or burr mechanisms to achieve the desired consistency for different brewing methods.

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Are coffee grinders worth it?

Yes, coffee grinders are worth it as they allow you to grind fresh coffee beans, preserving the flavor and aroma, and offering greater control over the grind size for optimal brewing.

How do I choose a coffee grinder?

To choose a coffee grinder, consider factors like your preferred brewing method, budget, grind consistency options, durability, and reviews to find one that meets your specific needs and preferences.

Are manual coffee grinders better than electric?

This is personal preference. Manual grinders offer portability and a more hands-on experience, while electric grinders provide convenience and speed.

How often should you clean your coffee grinder?

To maintain optimal performance and prevent build-up of oils and residue, it is recommended to clean your coffee grinder at least once a month or after changing coffee bean types.

How do you clean a coffee grinder?

To clean a coffee grinder, remove any remaining coffee grounds, disassemble the grinder if possible, brush or wipe away residue, and occasionally use a cleaning agent for deeper cleaning.

How do you adjust a coffee grinder?

To adjust a coffee grinder, locate the grind size adjustment mechanism (usually a dial or knob) and rotate it to the desired setting, either finer or coarser, based on your brewing method.