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Latte Art Course FAQs

What can I expect from Origin’s latte art courses? 

Included in the course will be a step-by-step guide on how to steam and pour milk. An introduction into different art patterns, such as heart, rosetta and tulip as well as practical guidance and support from our experienced specialists.

What is included in the latte course gift voucher? 

If you have received a gift voucher, simply choose the date and location you want to attend and enter the code in checkout.

How can I practice latte art at home?

Using the techniques taught on this class, simply apply them at home and start practicing. With a lot of perseverance and practice, you’ll latte art skills will improve. Read this Oat vs Cow milk blog post for a reminder of some latte art tips and shop our brewing equipment range if you need some new machinery.

How long are the latte art workshops?

Our courses are around 1.5 hours long.

What other coffee courses does Origin offer?

We offer three different types of coffee courses that include latte art, home espresso and
filter coffee making.