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Mobile App

How do I download the app?

- You can download the app through this link - here

- (Android launching early April)

How do I login to the app?

-  Create an account through our website. You can do that – here 

What if I already have an account?

- Simply login with your existing email

I can't login to the app?

- To log into the app, you must have created an account through 

- You may have previously placed an order online, but checked out as a guest. You will need to create a new account.  

- Already have an active account? Simply download the app and login with your current details.  

I've forgotten my account password?

- You can reset your password – here 

- If you have an account registered with this email address, you’ll receive a password reset within 2 minutes.  

- If you don’t receive the reset invite, there is no account registered to that email. Simply create a new account and you’ll be able to login to the app.  

What is the app used for? 

- Through the app, you’ll now be able to earn reward points for every purchase you make online and in-store.  

- You’ll also be able to shop our entire online range, manage your subscription, stay up-to date with the latest Origin news, and redeem loyalty rewards. 

Does this app replace the previous stamp-based system? 

- Yes. This update will replace the previous stamp collecting system currently in place. In-store customers will be asked to scan a unique QR code connected to their account on each transaction in-store. Once you have enough points, you’ll be able to claim a free in-store coffee

How do the points work? 

- You’ll earn points for every £1 that you spend. If you start a subscription with us, we’ll upgrade your tier, and you’ll receive more points per purchase – you’ll also get access to exclusive perks and rewards too. 


  • The Loop: 10 points per £1 spent 
  • The Core (subscriber): 15 points per £1 spent 
What rewards can I get? 

- There are two types of rewards; online and in-store

- Online rewards can be seen - here

- In-store rewards is a free hot drink, but more will released throughout the year

What happened to my stamps on the previous system? 

- Any stamps collected on the previous in-store system were transferred over to reward points on March 29. An updated email confirmation was required prior to this.  

- Simply sign-in with the same email and your points will be there waiting for you.

- For every unclaimed stamp, we gave you 36 points. 

- So if you have collected 4 stamps, we will give you 136 points (4 x 36) 

My stamps have not been transferred over? 

- Due to privacy settings, if you logged into the previous system through your Google, Facebook or Apple account, we’re unable to export your data so no points could have been transferred. 

- Please contact our Customer Service team with your name, email address and screenshots of your account. We can retrospectively add your points to the value of one card only.  

What is the wallet page? 

- This displays your exclusive membership QR code, point balance, coffee dial and tier status. 

What is the QR code for? 

- Simply scan this everytime you make a purchase in-store, and we'll automatically add points to your account. Save it in your wallet for quick access.

How do I earn points in-store? 

- We’ll give you points for every purchase you make in-store. Just scan your QR with the barista each time.

How do I earn points online? 

- Points are automatically added to your account for all online purchases.

How do I claim my free in-store coffee? 
  1. Check your wallet page.  
  • The coffee dial will grow with each transaction you make, displaying how many free coffees you have available.  
  • You'll need 360 points to claim a free in-store coffee. 

2. Order your drink with the barista.  

  • They will ask you to show your point balance and scan your QR code. 

3. Enjoy 

  • The barista will pour your drink and your point balance will be automatically reduced. 
How many points do I need for a free in-store coffee? 

- You'll need 360 points to claim a free in-store coffee.

I forgot to scan my QR code at the till, can my points be retrospectively added? 

- Yes. Simply ask the barista to print/email your receipt and send a screenshot of that to our Customer Service team and we’ll retrospectively add your points. 

- Bank account screenshots will not be accepted. 

My wallet point balance has not updated? 

- Your wallet point balance can take up-to 5 minutes to update. 

How do I use my points off an online purchase? 

- Visit the rewards page, select your reward, copy the code and use it in the discount field when checking out.

How do I manage my subscription through the app? 

- Head to the account section and tap on the Manage Subscriptions tab. Here you’ll be able to pause, skip or modify any active subscriptions. 


How long will my order take to arrive?

- We operate a next day despatch (excluding weekends)

- As standard, all UK orders are sent by Royal Mail Tracked 48 which means that orders generally take 2 days to arrive from the point it’s despatched from our Roastery

- For a fee, you can upgrade to Royal Mail Tracked 24 or Parcelforce which offer next day delivery. Please note this is from point of despatch, not from point of purchase. If you’re short on time (or coffee) we would always recommend ordering ahead

How does next day despatch work?

- Order before 23.59 and get your coffee roasted and despatched the next day (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays). Any orders after midnight will be despatched the next day. Any orders placed after 23.59 on Thursday, will be despatched on Monday.

- View our order cut-off time - here

How much is shipping?

- We provide free Royal Mail Tracked 48 delivery on all UK orders with a basket value of £25 (under 2kg).

- Orders over 2kg will be sent via Parcelforce free of charge.

- View our shipping fees - here

Where is my tracking number?

- You can find your tracking number in your shipping confirmation email. This will link you directly to the courier’s website where you can get an update on the status of your order

- Order Tracking number and history is also found in your account page which you can log into - here.

What does letterbox friendly mean?

- All orders of 1 or 2 x 250g bags of coffee will be despatched in a letterbox friendly parcel and should fit through most UK letterboxes.

- This is based this on average height of the mailbox in the UK being 40mm.

What happens if I am not at home for my order?

- If you place an order that doesn’t classify as letterbox friendly (see above) and nobody will be in to receive the order, please include delivery instructions or a nominated safeplace in your order notes when checking out. We will add this to you order when processing the shipping.

- If the courier attempts delivery and nobody is in with no safeplace given, they will leave a card with instructions on where to collect your parcel. Usually at your closest local depot.

Do you ship internationally?

- Yes. All our international orders are sent via Royal Mail and must be under 2kg in weight.

- To see if we deliver to your country, just enter your shipping details on the checkout page.

- If you have any issues with this, please contact our Customer Service team on


How do I track my order?

- If you click your shipping confirmation email or number in your account page, it will take you directly to the courier’s website.

- Alternatively, you can go direct here - Royal Mail Tracking

I can’t login to my account?

- This may because you checked out as a ‘guest’ when placing your order. You’ll need to register for an account which you can do – here

- You may have forgotten your password. If this is the case, you can reset your password – here

- If you are still having issues, please contact our Customer Service team on

Can I reset my password?

- Simply just head to the password reset page – here

- This will send a reset to the original email address that was registered

I’ve received the wrong grind size.

- If you have received the wrong grind size, please contact our Customer Service team on and we’ll resolve this issue for you

There is an error with my order

- If you have received the wrong grind size, please contact our Customer Service team on and we’ll resolve this issue for you

I’ve made a mistake on my order, can I change it?

- Always call ahead. Orders are processed and sent to the Roastery around 9:00 and 13:00 each day. If you have selected the wrong delivery address or want to change anything on your order, we would advise calling and speaking to our Customer Service team on 01326 574337 as soon as possible.


How do your coffee subscriptions work?

- Our subscriptions are easy. To get started, simply choose a coffee subscription that suits your tastes. Next, decide how frequently you want to receive the coffee (every week, fortnight or month) and then your preferred grind size. We would always recommend whole beans for freshness but can provide ground coffee too. Our subscriptions are suitable for any brew method too, from espresso to cafetiere. Then once you checkout, your subscription will automatically pull through at your selected frequency.

No stress. No hassle. Just great coffee.

How much coffee should I get?

- This depends on many cups of coffee you drink per day and how many coffee drinkers are in your household. Then there are extra considerations like dose size and dialling in that need to be factored in too. On average we would recommend the following based on 15g (filter) and 18g (espresso) dose size:

- 1 x 250g bag = 13-16 cups.

- 2 x 250g bag = 26-32 cups.

- 3 x 250g bag = 39-48 cups.

- 1 x 1kg bag = 52-64 cups.

How long will my subscription take to deliver?

• All subscriptions are despatched next day if ordered before 23.59 (excluding weekends)

• All subscriptions are shipped by Royal Mail Tracked 48 delivery which usually takes around 2-3 days.

What countries do you ship to?

- Our subscriptions are limited to UK shores only, we hope to release more European countries in the future.

How do I log into my subscription?

- To manage your subscription, you’ll first need to create an account with us -even if you’ve ordered with us before – as accounts aren’t automatically generated.

- To create an account, simply head to the page below and complete your profile >

- Once your account is setup, you’ll then be able to login and manage your subscription by clicking on the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ tab, which can be found on the righthand side. Now you’ll have access to the customer portal.

When will I be charged for my subscription?

- You will be charged at the set frequency of your subscription

What communications will I get?

- You will get 3 emails each time your subscription is about to be charged.

- The first email will arrive 3 days before your subscription is set to charge. This will notify you of the upcoming payment and give you the opportunity to skip or delay the upcoming subscription if you have too much coffee.

- The second email is your order confirmation, to confirm we are processing your order.

- The third email is your shipping confirmation, which will contact details on how to track your order.

How do I update my billing details?

- Login to your account and navigate to the ‘billing information’ tab. Here you can edit your existing billing address or edit your payment card details.

How do I change my shipping address?

- Simply log in to your account to access and edit your address details, by clicking on to the ‘Shipping Addresses’ tab.

Can I pause my subscription?

- Yes. If you find yourself with a cupboard full of coffee, or you’re going to be away from home, you can skip one or several subscriptions send dates to suit your needs—just log in to your account.

How do I change my subscription information?

- Click on your subscription in the ‘upcoming orders’ tab. From here you’ll be able to update your next order date, skip an order, or change any specific details or your current subscription. This includes order frequency, quantity, and grind size.

How do I cancel my subscription?

- This can be done anytime, no strings attached.

- Just head to your customer account or call our Customer Service team on 01326 574337. You will receive an email confirmation once your subscription has been cancelled.

How do gift subscriptions work?

1. Choose your preferred frequency and the duration of the gift subscription -

2. We will organise a gift card to be sent to the shipping address on the order.

3. If you want the card sent directly to your recipient, enter their details as the shipping address when checking out. We can also add a gift note, if required.

4. Once received, the card will give detail on how to redeem the gift subscription

How do I activate my gift subscription?

- All information on how to activate the subscription is included in a gift card that is sent to the shipping address on the order.

- To redeem, you should simply scan the QR code or visit the website URL and select the prepaid subscription that is written on the card.

- Next, just select your preferred grind size before entering your unique code on the checkout page.

- You're then required to activate your subscription with a card but no money will be taken, this is a requirement by the subscription vendor.

What coffee do gift subscribers receive?

- Gift subscribers will receive the same coffee as our weekly feature subscription, which changes every week.

- We will try not to send the same coffee in a month, however there could be times when supply will mean we'll repeat coffees.

Will I get two different coffees, if I order two or more units from the feature coffee subscription?

- No. Our current process works with one feature coffee being allocated for each week. This means that if you order more than one unit of feature coffee, you'll get the same product.

- There may be times over the year where due to supply chain issues, you may receive the same coffee. This is never the norm.


What does omni-roasted coffee mean?

- We create a new and unique profile for each coffee we roast. Although the profiles are different, our approach is always the same, to highlight and accentuate the flavours created at the farm and mill. This means we don’t label our coffees as espresso, filter, dark or light roast. All of our coffees are omni-roast, meant to be delicious however you brew. We believe the heart of speciality is keeping the identity and character of every coffee intact and alive, no matter the brew method.

Why is my espresso coffee ground so fine?

- As all equipment varies we’ve created a grind size which we have found is most effective across the board in creating a perfect brew. If you find that the grind size isn't working for you please contact our Customer Service team on 01326 574337 who will be able to organise an alternative grind for you. Ideally we’d also always recommend people grind at home as you can then adjust grind size to suit your machine and ensure maximum freshness. We appreciate that this isn’t always possible though.

- Shop our range of home grinders - here

What grind size do I need?

- Getting the correct grind size for your coffee depends on what brewing device you’re using. As we mention above, we’d always recommend buying coffee in whole beans and grinding fresh at home to get the maximum flavour for your brew. We’ve also written a handy grind size guide which should help answer any questions you may have. Read - here

What is Direct Trade?

- Our approach to coffee sourcing is, wherever feasible, through Direct Trade, which is really key within the speciality coffee market. This means that not only are the farmers we work with paid fairly/fairly traded with but that we develop long term relationships with them to ensure environmental and social sustainability. Head to our Direct Trade page for more information - read now

Who roasts my coffee?

- Our coffee roasters Amadeusz Wanat and Callum O’Brien are based at The Roastery in Porthleven, Cornwall. The entire team works closely with Freda, our Head of Coffee, in developing roast profiles for each of our coffees.

Where can I drink Origin Coffee?

- Origin is brewed in speciality coffee shops, boutique hotels and restaurants throughout the UK. Please contact our Customer Service team on 01326 574337 for those in your local area.

Is your coffee Fairtrade?

- We follow a sourcing practice called Direct Trade, not Fairtrade. When it comes to growing coffee, we trust it’s our producers who know how to do it best. Although Fairtrade has done so much for the coffee industry, it does come with certain restrictions which impacts how coffee producers work. We trust that the people we work with to ensure the quality and sustainability.

- That trust is built on a foundation of visiting producers every year to talk about how the coffee is farmed, how the waste products are handled, what happens to after using as well as a myriad of other questions that we always have in our hopes to learn as much about what makes the best coffee so great.

How should I store my coffee?

- Ideally, coffee should be stored in an airtight container, kept at room temperature and out of direct sunlight if possible. As these factors may contribute to the loss of freshness and deterioration of the coffee beans.

- Shop our range of Airscape containers - here

What is my ideal rest time?

- When it comes to brewing your freshly roasted bag of coffee, you should first let it rest, giving it time to allow the flavours to open up. We'd recommend resting your coffee for between 5 and 14 days from the roast date you'll find stamped on the bag. Brewing is a personal ritual: enjoy exploring and find a resting time that works for you.

- Read our blog on resting coffee - here

Will my coffee go off?

- When stored correctly and most importantly kept dry, coffee doesn’t go off. That being said, over time coffee loses its flavour characteristics. We recommend drinking your coffee between a week and a month, for optimal taste and maximum 3 months after roast date.

Are your coffee bags recyclable?

- All our bags are now fully home compostable.

- You can compost them at home or send them back to us at the Roastery.

- Read our blog on the materials - here

Are your pods compatible with all Nespresso machines?

- Our pods are compatible with all Nespresso machines. However, this excludes Nespresso Vertuo devices.


How do gift cards digital gift cards work?

- You’ll receive an email which includes a voucher of the balance you have purchased, either £10, £20 or £50.
- You can either print this email or forward it directly onto the recipient.
- The voucher will contain a code which users will be able to include at checkout to receive discount off their order.
- The voucher can only be redeemed on and cannot be used on subscriptions.
- Valid for 12 months only
- You can check your balance by contacting our Customer Service team on

How do gift cards in-store gift cards work?

You’ll receive a physical voucher of the balance you have purchased, either £10, £20 or £50.
- Take this gift card, to any our 7 coffee shop locations and show the QR code at the till
- The value of the card will then be taken off your in-store transaction.
- This voucher can only be redeemed in-store, at any of our locations in Cornwall or London
- It doesn't apply to our website
- No cash alternative. No change will be given.
- Valid for 24months from purchase date.

How do gift cards gift subscriptions work?

- Please read our subscription FAQ below

How do enthusiast course gifts work?

- We will organise a gift card to be sent to the shipping address on the order.
- If you want the card sent directly to your recipient, enter their details as the shipping address when checking out. We can also add a gift note, if required.
- The card will give details of the gift and a discount code for redeeming the course online.

Can I include a gift message in with my order?

- Yes. Simply add what message you would like to include in the order and we’ll include it on a branded card in the order.


What is The Circle?

- The Circle is our rewards (loyalty) programme. Here, you’ll get rewarded and earn points for every purchase you make online. The more you spend, the more we’ll reward you. You can also earn points for completing activities such as referring friends, signing up-to our newsletter, and much more. You can then redeem those points off rewards, which include discount vouchers, equipment or charity donations. You’ll also be assigned a tier based on your spending history. The higher the tier, the better perks you’ll unlock.

How do I join?

- If you already have an account, you’ll automatically be signed up. If you are new to The Circle, just sign-up through the link at the top of the page.

How do I earn points?

- Earn points by making purchases or by completing activities such as referring a friend or following us on instagram.

How do the points work per tier?

- Put simply the higher the tier, the more points you get per purchase
- The Loop: 5 points per £1 spent
- Inner Circle: 7 points per £1 spent
- Core: 10 points per £1 spent

What are tiers?

- The Circle has 3 tiers. The higher the tier, the more points you’ll earn per purchase and better perks you’ll unlock. The tiers are categorised as follows:
- The Loop: Create an account
- Inner Circle: Spend over £120 annually
- Core: Become a subscriber.

What rewards can I get?

- Our current rewards are as follows
- £5 voucher (500 points)
- £5 off next subscription (500 points)
- £10 voucher (1,000 points)
- 100% off Espresso Trio (2000 points)
- 100% off Cold Brew (2000 points)
- £10 Project Waterfall donation (1,000 points)
- 100% off Sage Barista Pro (60,000 points)

How do subscribers use their reward code?

- After redeeming your reward you will be shown a code.

- Copy that code and login to your subscription through the customer account page

- Open your active subscription

- On the left hand-side they'll be an "Apply discount" tab

- Simply copy and paste the code in there and you'll receive the discount off your next subscription

How do I check my point balance?

- Just log into your account, click the rewards tab and you’ll see your balance at the top of the page

How do I redeem my points?

- Select the tab called rewards. Here you’ll see all the available rewards available and if you have enough points, you’ll be able to use your points against a reward. Copy the code that is displayed and use it when checking out.

Will my points expire?

- Your points will expire 12 months after your last order

What does approved, pending and cancelled status mean?

- Points can be in different states depending on your purchase date and actions.

- Points approved: these are points that the customer has available to spend right away.

- Points pending: points that are currently going through an approval period. Once the approval period is finished, these will become approved points. Our approval period is 14 days from purchase

- Points cancelled: points that will not be added to your account. This will happen if you cancel a purchase (the points will change from pending to cancelled).

I placed an order but don’t have an account yet, can I claim my points retrospectively?

- Yes. We’ve given you 1 month to claim your points after purchase if you haven’t created an account. After that time period, your points will expire.

I completed an activity but my point balance hasn’t updated?

- There can sometimes be a slight delay between completing activities, and points being updated to your profile. If it takes longer than 5 business days, just email our Customer Service team on

How does refer a friend work?

- Share your custom url through the dashboard above with your friends and family. They’ll get a £5 voucher off their first purchase, and you’ll be rewarded with 500 points (£5) for the referral.

- Your points will be classified as pending, until the approval period (7 days) is completed.

- If your referral cancels or returns their order, your points will become cancelled and will be removed from your account.

- You can share the link as many times as you want, but not with any affiliate partners.

How does the monthly coffee club draw work?

- On the first week of each month, we’ll randomly draw a winner to receive 1x250g of coffee from our coffee portfolio.

- The winner will be contacted by email and the coffee will be sent to their home address.

- Only applies to uk residents.

What are quarterly drops?

- Each quarter, we will reward our Core tier with a random reward. They will be notified via email and can redeem it through the rewards tab.

- You must be an active subscriber for at least 30 days to receive the drop

Got any questions?

- Please email our Customer Service team on and we’ll be happy help

Can I use two discount codes at once?

- No. Our system currently only allows one discount to be used per order.

Is the a threshold for reward vouchers?

- Yes, you need to spend a minimum of £20 when using £5, £10 and £20 vouchers.

- This doesn't apply to subscription vouchers.