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Decaf Coffee FAQs

Does decaf coffee taste different?

Decaf coffee should not taste too different from caffeinated coffee. The exact taste of your decaf coffee will depend on several variables, such as the terroir, processing method and age of the decaf coffee used.

How much caffeine is there in decaf coffee?

On average, you can find between 2- 15mg of caffeine in one cup. A typical cup of decaf coffee is not completely clear of all caffeine.

How are decaf coffee beans made?

There are several processes that can be used to make decaf coffee. Learn more in our guide: how coffee is decaffeinated

Can you get decaf espresso coffee beans?

Our decaf coffee is omni-roasted which means it can be enjoyed both as espresso and filter brew methods.

What is the best brewing method for decaf coffee?

This is up to you. It's all about testing, tasting and experimenting. Head to our coffee brew guides page and discover videos on V60, AeroPress, Espresso and more

Can you buy ground decaf coffee?

Yes, you can purchase ground decaf coffee. Be sure to select the right grind size for your decaf coffee, as this will depend on the brewing method you prefer. Origin decaf coffee is available to buy in three grind sizes, suitable for espresso (fine grind size), filter (coarse grind size) or Aeropress (medium grind size).