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Published, Mar 16, 2023

In Good Company: Our B Corp Gift Guide

Our B Corp gift guide shines the light on some likeminded brands, looking to champion people and planet before profit, always. Shopping is a conscious act, placing our money in the people who help shape the world for the better.

Origin B Corp

Here, we highlight some of the B Corp brands we turn to, time and again, respecting their ethics as much as their quality products.


When it comes to effortless gifting, Wolf & Badger is a trustworthy source of inspiration. The fellow B Corp brand attained accreditation in 2021 as part of their ongoing mission to shape the online and physical retail worlds in a way that celebrates creatives, independent makers, and small brands, showcasing them together in an accessible way, for all. We caught up with our friends, over in London, to talk missions, values, and the future of B Corp shaped shopping.

Wolf and Badger B Corp

From a boutique in Notting Hill in 2010, to stores in New York and Los Angeles, alongside as supporting around 2,000 brands on their online platform, it’s fair to say that Wolf & Badger is onto something good—a global community of ethical brands and conscious consumers who positively impact the world together.

“By attaining B Corp in 2021 we have been able to better develop and communicate our company values, as well as ensure we are at the forefront of good business practices as we continue to grow. We have always been committed to a different approach to retail; our model reframes fashion consumption to focus on longevity, in direct contrast with fast fashion,” they said. “Wolf & Badger launched with the intention of providing the opportunity for smaller brands to compete with the more established fashion industry players, creating a more exciting, interesting, and responsible retail experience. What started as a small collective of brands has evolved to become the global marketplace we are today, where we connect brands from all over the world with customers looking for unique and individual items. We hope that in doing this, we offer a resource where consumers have more agency over their consumption choices.”

Like us, Wolf & Badger strive for transparency at every level of their business. For them, this means providing a set of 15 guarantees that sit on the pages of the individual brands they support. These are designed to make it easier for customers to shop by their values.

“We’d like to see a future where all stakeholders in the supply chain are treated fairly—a future where consumption isn’t at the dire cost of people’s lives and the destruction of the environment,” they told us. “We want to see a future of consumption where anything for sale has fully transparent provenance so that exploitation of people and the planet is avoided and can no longer be hidden. We want a future where shopping can be fun and circumspect.” We couldn’t agree more.


While we can’t deny the pleasing aesthetics of their brand, with clothing and accessories designed for living, Finisterre’s identity has always been centred around sustainability. First becoming B Corp accredited in 2018 – the first outdoor clothing brand in the UK to achieve this – the Cornish brand continues to lead conversations and change, lead initiatives, champion and speak up for causes close to their heart, and remain true to their values. While we continue on our own B Corp journey, we’re delighted to be in such good company

Finisterre B Corp


Their love and appreciation for nature and the outdoors makes it easy to see why Pentire would naturally make it part of their mission to not only celebrate the unique plant life that thrives on the Cornish headlands, but also seek to protect it for future generations. Their non-alcoholic spirits are designed for active, healthy living, a respect for the natural environment, and a desire to celebrate it with a B Corp mindset—this includes, as you’d expect, responsible sourcing, consciously crafted products, sustainable packaging, and carbon offsetting. We can’t wait to see where their B Corp journey takes them next.

Pentire B Corp


There’s a lot of talk out there surrounding sustainability, and cutting through the noise is no easy task. We believe in sharing stories, sharing progress, and sharing goals. Allbirds have not only committed to creating exceptional products that respect people and planet, but clearly and openly document their journey, showing how far they’ve come, and where they hope to head, treading lightly, while making big strides. When it comes to investing in products that fall in line with your principles, Allbirds go the extra mile in making sure you’re kept in the loop with every stage of their story; we believe you speak with the money you put in other’s pockets: this brand has our vote, every time.

Allbirds B Corp


Spruce is on a mission to clean up the future of household cleaning products, transforming the landscape of refills and removing single-use plastic and multi-syllabic chemical names from our homes and water systems. The young company – founded in 2021 – sought out the B Corp accreditation before they’d even launched, becoming certified in 2022, keen to imbed the B Corp values in the foundations of their business. With a firm focus on the health of people and planet, Spruce are smart, honest, and inclusive—a fair, B Corp minded formula we’re fully on board with.

Spruce B Corp


Curious to know more about our own B Corp journey? Learn about our score, read our transparency reports, and find out how we always look to go beyond as a B Corp brand, here.