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Our Environmental Targets

As a certified B Corp company, we’re committed to continuously improve our operational practices.

When we published our Impact Report in June, we were still in the process of finalising our EMS targets. We’re now pleased to share these with you.

Our EMS Targets

What do we mean by EMS target?

As part of our ongoing improvement, Origin operates an Environmental Management System (EMS) with targets to deliver positive impact. Our EMS targets are connected to the five environmental and social pillars of Origin Coffee.

When we published our Impact Report in June, we were still in the process of finalising our EMS targets. We’re now – in line with our values in transparency – pleased to share these with you. 

Read our Environmental Policy here

Our Environmental Policy acts as continual work in progress that keeps us focused on tangible targets as we continue to grow. As part of our commitment as a B Corp accredited company, we have a responsibility to ensure we have a positive impact on society and the environment. The Environmental Policy is a framework that guides us through our operational practices, highlighting areas for improvement.

The Environmental Policy is revisited throughout the year, and reviewed annually, providing us with the opportunity to look back as much as we look forward, seeing what works, what doesn’t, and how we can do better. 

 Our EMS targets have been set with metrics to ensure we can measure success and monitor progress: this will take place quarterly, with a complete annual review, making sure our target remain relevant and impactful to our operations.  

Goal 1:

Building a Circular Economy

We hold ourselves accountable for reducing single-use products, here to support and champion the innovation of processes with circular economy principles, and the conscientious disposal of items in line with the waste hierarchy.

EMS Targets:

  1. Reduce waste through reuse and partnerships to donate items.
  2. Reduce non-recyclable waste from 41% to 25% by 2025.
Goal 2:

Building Relationships with Producers and Suppliers

We aim to ensure transparency and traceability of coffee, with a commitment to long-term, mutually beneficial supplier relationships, and collaboration with suppliers to achieve social and environmental improvements.

EMS Targets:

  1. Enhance communications to raise awareness, educate, and share progress transparently. 
  2. Collect continual feedback on our overall impact to better understand issues. 
  3. Develop strategies to reinvest in our supply chain. 
  4. Deliver on our social value commitments at the British Library, giving back to the local immediate area. 
Goal 3:

Tackling Climate Change

Tackling climate change is no small feat, quick fix, or short-term plan; it’s a lifetime of commitment and view to do business differently. As such we have worked, and continue to work, to assess and change practices throughout every area of our operations.

EMS Targets

We’re now working on setting science-based targets to build this critical road map to Net Zero. 

Science-based targets show organisations how much – and how quickly – they need to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to prevent the worst effects of climate change. Net zero means achieving a balance between the carbon emitted into the atmosphere, and the carbon removed from it. This balance – or net zero – will happen when the amount of carbon we release into the

Goal 4:

Improving Employee Wellbeing

We have a responsibility to make decisions that benefit all employees, provide safe and positive working environments, and promote a culture of inclusivity, diversity, and equality.

EMS Targets

Deliver targets within Origin’s Employee Health and Wellbeing Strategy, which is available to all Origin staff in the form of an employee handbook.

Goal 5:

Supporting Direct Trade and Driving Innovation

We have always prioritised purchasing through Direct Trade. This means wepay a premium – above the commodity market price – for quality coffee, making sure we cover the cost of production. Through consistent, long-term contracts and agreements, and regular producer surveys, we will ensure that our relationships remain mutually beneficial, committed to protecting the livelihoods and the overall future of speciality coffee.

EMS Targets

Source 65% of coffee from underrepresented communities (from a geographical context, in relation to the global poverty index)by 2026.


We’ve come a long way since starting out in 2004. As one of the longest-running, independent coffee roasters in the UK, we recognise and strive for continuous change. There’s no finish line—but goals keep us focused on milestones that help us go further, for better, for all.