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Published, Feb 01, 2022

Why is Coffee Getting More Expensive?

From February 2022, the price of all coffee sold online and in our coffee shops will be increasing.

Picture of coffee plant

The increase will impact the following:

  • Coffee ordered on our website
  • Drinks ordered to sit in our coffee shops
  • Drinks ordered to take-away in our coffee shops
  • Bags of retail coffee in our coffee shops

This decision is in response to 2 key factors:

The overall cost of doing business is going up.

This is something we are all experiencing throughout the hospitality industry. From packaging to energy to transportation, we are seeing significant increases.  If Origin wants to continue operating the way we believe a good business should (by paying Living Wage and delivering exceptional service to our customers), then it is important for us to manage these increases effectively.

The cost of buying coffee from our suppliers has risen sharply. 

We are proud to hold several long-term direct relationships with coffee producers across the world. All these partners have experienced an unprecedented increase to the cost of producing coffee, which is a result of political, economic, environmental, and Covid-related factors. 

Our partner producers are increasing the price we pay by up to 20% vs previous years, and because we value these relationships, we are going to pay it.

As a business we have pledged to always pay above C-Market* prices to our producers. Despite this challenging situation (and the C-Market price being at its highest since 2011), it is important for us not to compromise on the pledge we made and to continue supporting our partners in the same way we have always done.


*Commodity Market. This operates in a similar way to the stock exchange. It sets the price benchmark for certain coffee producing countries yet provides no guarantee for the quality of the coffee, or a guarantee of income to the producer.